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How to Use the Accounts on Your Mount Ida One Card


The Mount Ida One Card enables students to access three separate accounts:  Mustang Cash, Meal Plan and Points.  Each account must be funded prior to use and has unique rules for acceptance and the roll over of funds. (See the summary chart below.)


Mustang Cash:

Mustang Cash is a prepaid spending account offering a safe and convenient way to make purchases on and around campus. It is designed to eliminate the need to carry cash around campus. On campus, Mustang Cash is accepted as a form of payment at Wingate Dining Hall, Carlson Café, Campus Bookstore, Public Safety, and select copy machines. Mustang Cash supplements the Meal Plan and Points for residential students at campus eateries. For non-residential students, Mustang Cash is a convenient way to pay for meals and snacks at campus eateries. Mustang Cash is also accepted at popular businesses around campus. You or your parents must make a deposit to Mustang Cash prior to using it for purchases. Value in Mustang Cash rolls over from semester-to-semester and year-to-year for as long as you are a member of the Mount Ida College community.


Meal Plan:

The meal plan is a nutritionally balanced dining program available to those who wish to take advantage of a guaranteed number of meals per week.  The meal plan is required for all residential students and is only accepted at Wingate Dining Hall.  Payment is made at the beginning of each semester along with tuition and other fees.  Meals must be used each week and do not carry over from week to week. 



Points are similar to cash value available on meal plans.  Points are only accepted at on campus eateries.  All residential meal plans have some Points included.  Points roll over from Fall to Spring semester but not to the next academic year. 


To learn more about Meal Plan and Points, click here.


  Mustang Cash Meal Plan Points

Campus Eateries


Select Copy Machines

Local Businesses

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Wingate Dining Hall Campus Eateries Only
How It Works Amount of purchase price deducted. One meal deducted for each meal period. Amount of purchase price deducted
Roll Over Roll over from semester-to- semester and year- to-year.

Meals must be used every week and do not carry over from week to week.

Roll over from Fall to Spring semester but not to the next academic year.
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